Published On: Thu, May 14th, 2015

Tiger attacks two villagers in Ranthambhore National Park

Jaipur: Two villagers were attacked unprovoked and mauled by a tigress in Ranthambhore National Park of Rajasthan on Thursday.

AS per latest census, there are 60 tigers in the Ranthambore national Park

AS per latest census, there are 60 tigers in the Ranthambore national Park

The intriguing incident occurred at around 6 am in Khandar region in Sawai Madhopur district which is around 170 km from here.

Later the villagers injured in the attack were identified as Satish and Kuldeep. Satish was rushed to Jaipur hospital as the skin of his scalp was torn off by the sharp claws of the tigress.

The latest incident took place barely a few days after a forest guard was killed by a tiger near the gate of Ranthambore National Park . However, in that case the benefit of doubt could be extended to the tiger as the man who was attacked, was in fact squatting and may have been killed mistakenly by the tiger, feel experts.

The experts are of the firm view that there seems to be a lot of thrust on increasing wildlife tourism and in that process the tiger conservation is getting compromised.

“Who doesn’t know that the tigers by nature are shy of humans and if they are continuously exposed to human presence they lose their shyness and tend to attack humans even unprovoked,” said an expert in context of the latest attack.

No one denies that tourism on one hand is beneficial to the local economy but if it is uncontrolled than man animal conflict tend to increase, added experts.

It is also an established fact that tourism in this park has increased manifold due to mushrooming resorts around this area and it is high time to give the issue a rethink.

“The recent incidents are nothing but signs of advance warning where concrete plans should be in place for controlled tourism,” the expert added.

Also the experts are of the view that authorities should in the first place carry an assessment of biomass to figure out the carrying capacity of the park. If there are excess tigers they should be translocated to Sariska which certainly has good tiger habitat, the experts further said.

AS per latest census, there are 60 tigers in the Ranthambore national Park.

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