Published On: Wed, Jun 21st, 2017

Wait on for nod to tranquilise, treat injured Bandhavgarh tigress

Bhopal: Authorities at the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve are waiting for a nod from the state’s chief wildlife warden for attending to a life-threatening wound suffered by a wild tigress of the reserve.

The injured tigress was spotted by the forest guards on June 18

According to a senior forest official, a tigress sustained neck wounds while attempting to break free from a trap set up by poachers in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve of the state.

The injured tigress was spotted by the forest guards on June 18 with a wound on its neck that was clearly visible from a distance.

“Once the injured tigress was spotted by the park guards, it is being constantly tracked for the last three days for treating its injury once the permission to tranqualise is received,” said an official of the tiger reserve.

Villagers living in vicinity of Dhamokhar range of the reserve said that the tigress remained stuck in the trap for two days. The roars of the trapped animal drew the attention of the locals living in the buffer zone of the reserve.

Locals said that the tigress somehow managed to free herself from the trap but not before it injured its neck.

“Since the tigress has received wounds on its neck, it cannot lick it and hence the chances of the wound getting healed naturally is remote,” said wildlife expert AN Singh.

He further said that in view of the same, the were likely chances of fly sarcophaga laying maggots on the wound was sure. “Once this happens, the maggots would eat the flesh of the tigress and it would die a painful death,” pointed out the expert.

Singh said that for treating the injured tigress, it was necessary to tranqualise the feline.

With regards the trap laid by the poacher, the expert said, “the poachers must have used noose wire trap and that was the probable reason that the tigress received injury in the neck,” said Singh.

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