Published On: Mon, Jan 2nd, 2017

Wild leopard enters Bengal town, captured alive

Kolkata: Before a precious life could be lost, the authorities swung into action and succeeded in catching the culprit posing immense danger to human lives. And the culprit in question was a leopard that had strayed from the wild and was captured alive by the forest authorities on Monday in Uttar Dinjapur district of West Bengal.

The animal and transferred it into a cage

According to a senior forest official, a wild leopard strayed from the wild in search of a prey animal and entered Raiganj in Dinjapur district. There it injured several persons before it was confined to a house in which it entered by chance.

He said that the moment the feline was sighted, there was a sense of panic among the locals who ran helter-skelter for safety and in the ensuing commotion a few were injured by the leopard that attacked anyone and everyone who crossed its path.

“Before it could catch hold of some local and inflict grievous injuries, the leopard by chance entered a house where the alert owner mustered courage and bolted the door from outside,” said a local.

The forest official said that once the leopard was trapped in the house, the forest officials were informed who upon reaching the site, successful tranquillised the animal and transferred it into a cage before being dispatched to the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary in north Bengal where it would be re-introduced in the wild.

Reacting to the incident, wildlife expert Dr Rakesh Tomar said that it was nothing unusual for a wild leopard to attack and injury human if surrounded by large crowd. “In such a situation, the animal gets scared and in self defence, attacks anyone and everyone who it comes across,” said Dr Tomar.

He said that it is an established fact that leopards stray into human settlements from the wild in search of prey which are domestic livestock like goats, calves or even street dogs which they relish. “In the present case as well, the reason must have been the same,” pointed out the expert.

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