Published On: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018

J&K education system needs overhaul to check radicalisation: Army chief

New Delhi: The education system in Jammu and Kashmir needs to be overhauled to check radicalisation, Army chief General Bipin Rawat said on Friday, also seeking checks on madrassas and mosques.

The system of education in the state needed to be given a relook

Addressing the Indian Army’s customary Annual Press Conference ahead of Army Day, Rawat questioned the education being provided in government schools in the Valley.

“In every school there is a map of India and a map of Jammu and Kashmir. Why should you have a separate map of Jammu and Kashmir? Then have maps of all states.

“What does it teach students? That I am in this country but I also have a separate identity? The basic grass root problem lies here — the way education is in Jammu and Kashmir, because these teachers have also got the same education,” he said.

The system of education in the state needed to be given a relook, Rawat added.

He further said that good schools did not produce stone-throwers and terrorists, though there could be a few exceptions.

“We have rarely seen stone-throwers … from Burnhall or probably DPS. Most are coming from schools where a lot of disinformation (is spread)” he said.

He also raised concern over “disinformation” being spread through social media, and through religious schools and mosques.

“The other issue is Madrassas and Masjids… What is being incorrectly informed to them is through Madrassas and Masjids… If these can be brought under control, the education system can be revamped,” the Army chief said.

He said there was a need for opening more schools like army-run Goodwill Schools and CBSE-funded schools in the Valley.

Talking about terror in the state, he said in 2017, the focus was on south Kashmir, and this year, the northern part of the Valley will be targeted.

“Terror in Jammu and Kashmir is not over,” he added.

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