Published On: Tue, Feb 6th, 2018

Captured tigress to be released in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Pillibhit: Much to the horror of locals, a fully grown tigress entered a village situated on the periphery of a forested tract of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and made its way into a house and conveniently settled on its roof late on Sunday night.

Preparations were on to release the trapped tigress into the wild

“Panic gripped the occupants of the house when they came to know about the arrival of a menacing guest,” said a local who along with others had gathered outside the house where the tigress had taken refuge.

On receiving information about the presence of a feline in the village, a team of forest department personnel rushed to the spot and after a brief exercise, successful tranqualised the strayed tigress and transferred it to a cage for releasing in the core area of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve.

A senior forest official said that leopards entering human settlements is something which has happened on a number of times but for a big cat straying into human settlement is certainly a rare phenomenon. “The only reason for a tiger to stray into human settlements is paucity of prey base,” said the official.

He said that the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is in fact a fragmented forest as several state highways crisscross the forested tracts resulting in severe damage to flora and extensive disturbance to the fauna.

“As the prey base shrinks, the wild animals including the feline venture out of the forest areas into human settlements where domestic livestock is available for them to subsist,”said the official.

Meanwhile, preparations were on to release the trapped tigress into the wild, informed the official.

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